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August 11 WOD

First of all, I did 24” for my box jump warm-up. It was scary but I DID IT.
Ra ra ra-a-a-aaaa

Last night I went to Lady Gaga, so no WOD yesterday or today. It was worth it, of course! Love Mother Monster <3
August 6 WOD
August 6 WOD
August 7 WOD

Argh, was SO close to getting my goal of sub-10 minutes! This was a good one!
August 4 WOD

Felt way better today! On Sat I took an Epsom salt bath in a jetted tub, which was spectacular, and on Sat night I got almost 10hr of sleep followed by a rest day and a sane amount of carbs. Just what I needed.
August 2 WOD

I was going to run with Fiona but I was dragging; I hadn’t eaten any carbs yet today and had to really push to finish this WOD.
August 1 WOD
July 31 WOD

Running with Fiona is more for her benefit than mine (prepping her for dog shows). We do half a mile at her gallop speed, then half a mile at her trot

August 12 WOD

First, I want to share this link because amen.
DFL and Proud of It

To be honest, this WOD scared me. I almost didn’t do it but then I realized that I’ve been doing what is easy for me and leaving out what I don’t like, an easy trap to fall into when you do your own programming. Lo and behold, I survived! I did 100 effing burpees. Actually the hardest part was the shoulder to overhead. I’m…

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Miss Audacious Hottness Project

I have this blog solely for the purpose of inspiring myself to stick with my fitness and nutrition goals. What I put here is to keep myself motivated and keep my goals at the forefront of my mind. If it does the same for you, cool! I love sharing with like-minded people. If not, also cool! I'm sure you can find some other blog that blows your skirt up.

Philosophy: Love my body; I'll spend my whole life in it so I might as well enjoy it. Do what's best for my health; cheating on myself is never worth it. Do what works for me; forcing myself to do something I hate will only make me want to quit entirely.

Nutrition: Paleo without dairy or eggs (due to allergies) and sometimes ketogenic. I eat a lot of food, mostly meat and veggies. I miss real cheese.

Fitness: CrossFit, other strength training, occasional cardio, want to get into weight lifting. I'm quite impressed that I'm able to do double-digit pull-ups (never thought THAT would happen!).

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